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Quote: Originally Posted by ArliHawk` Was that a razor Sally had? Somewhat creepy. I assume it was whatever Glen put on her pillow when he trashed the house, but I could be wrong. Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo That episode was just chock full of filler. I fast forwarded through every scene with Betty, any child, and the drug addict. Who even gives a shit about these characters at this point? Really? Not...
I regret very few losses. The two that spring to mind are: (1) NIB Edward Green golf shoes in a lovely light navy and white saddle in my size on 202 last; and (2) Nakashima bed. I regret both because I got a little cheap and perhaps would've won had I gone out of my comfort zone, and because both were somewhat unique. Other stuff re-occurs often enough that I can usually find something like it again.
Starting at about 9 pm, I get an overwhelming sensation that my legs needs to be stretched, which is what I do. It doesn't hurt and isn't debilitating, just slightly annoying. I don't try anything for it because it's not too bad. It never wakes me up, but sometimes makes falling asleep difficult.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wodin Right on guys, thanks for all the replies. I will be sure to check them out. I work in the security field and do alright, so I ought to be ok with the COL in Austin. My only fear there is I've heard it is a liberal bastion. So if I drive my truck I wouldn't want to get shunned for not driving a Prius. Is there a good culture of fitness in Austin? As they say, everything is bigger in Texas. That's fine, except...
Raises more questions that it answers. For instance, how long does he have to have been a resident before he can be elected? A year? Six months? A day? Even if he's not a resident now, it could be corrected in time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Butter I don't know what you were wearing in your photos, but the Esquire winner was wearing an over sized lavender double breasted suit....with no shirt underneath to collect his trophy... Same thing, naturally. Come on, most photos of anyone that isn't beyond reproach -- basically limited to the Duke of Windsor -- will get roasted here. Check out the Sartorialist thread for a running commentary. Even very...
Quote: Originally Posted by goodbyehorses And for anyone doubting Ross' character, he's actually a really nice, genuine person and I think you'd all feel pretty bad for judging him as a person if you knew him. Ach, people say stupid stuff behind the veil of the internet. As I've said here before, I was once pictured on "The Sartorialist," a relatively well known fashion blog who's author, Scott Schuman, used to post before he found the...
Quote: Originally Posted by aleksandr Sounds about right for me, I'm a 8E/8.5D. Must... resist. Stay away, you savages! I've been eyeing those for weeks, giddily watching the price decrease.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gorthaur Melwasul But what the hell was the last scene ? He wants to bang his secretary or just send her see the Beatles with his daughter as they are "close"? I took it that Fay is on the way out because of Don's dependence (i.e., don't get too close), and that he'll pounce on Megan or someone equally vulnerable soon enough. But I could be wrong.
Quote: Originally Posted by bcate3 I'm not optimistic about the Layne/Chocolate bunny storyline. Seems clunky. Last we've seen of her.
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