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Quote: Originally Posted by foggy Carolina Herrera. Slim suits and other pieces. 38r fits straight off the rack. Stunning value at sale time. The CH outlet at Woodbury Commons had some very nice stuff, such as genuine Mackintoshes, for a song. My sleepers are Davide Cenci (not really a SF sleeper) and Eredi Pisano. Sleeper store: Camouflage.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano There is no dispute on whether oxford cloth is acceptable. When I was young, I was taught that black tie should have no sportswear aspect to it -- hence no vents to the jacket and one shouldn't wear shoes with broguing or textured leather, button-downs shirts or even a wristwatch if you're being doctrinaire. Because oxford is a sportwear cloth, one shouldn't wear a shirt made of it in a formal...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford Yes, you need a tuxedo shirt. Disagree. A white shirt is acceptable, as long as it straight collar (i.e., not button down). There is some dispute about whether oxford cloth is acceptable. To be safe, I would go broadcloth and french cuffs if possible.
My reaction to SF is that, like NYC, it is a place that requires sacrifices -- space, cost of living, etc. -- to live there, like NYC the locals are always talking about how wonderful it is in order to justify the pain they suffer in living in that setting. But unlike NYC, SF doesn't have the benefits to justify the sacrifices. Really, it should be priced along the lines of Seattle or even Chicago (a more lively and humble city than SF, though with vastly worse weather).
Quote: Originally Posted by fwiffo From someone who is actually in the Time Life building That's kind of silly. It was quite obvious to me that was a downtown LA building and that you could see a hill and '80s/'90s buildings in the background. Everyone who lives in NY can generally spot series that are filmed elsewhere but set in NYC. They simply feel and look different, even a very "New York" show like Seinfeld. Frankly, when you...
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero I wonder how much Peggy's name change suggestion to Don influenced his decision to "change the story" like she said needed to be done. Her reply later in the episode made me think she was responsible for him taking action. I thought it was pretty clear that Don's action were spurred by (a) Peggy's suggestion that Don change the game, and (b) Midge's heroin addiction. The substance of the letter was...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Also her line how good shooting up is, something about rubbing her tits? Something along the lines of "it's like drinking 50 bottles of whisky while someone sucks on your tits."
Quote: Originally Posted by ArliHawk` Was that a razor Sally had? Somewhat creepy. I assume it was whatever Glen put on her pillow when he trashed the house, but I could be wrong. Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo That episode was just chock full of filler. I fast forwarded through every scene with Betty, any child, and the drug addict. Who even gives a shit about these characters at this point? Really? Not...
I regret very few losses. The two that spring to mind are: (1) NIB Edward Green golf shoes in a lovely light navy and white saddle in my size on 202 last; and (2) Nakashima bed. I regret both because I got a little cheap and perhaps would've won had I gone out of my comfort zone, and because both were somewhat unique. Other stuff re-occurs often enough that I can usually find something like it again.
Starting at about 9 pm, I get an overwhelming sensation that my legs needs to be stretched, which is what I do. It doesn't hurt and isn't debilitating, just slightly annoying. I don't try anything for it because it's not too bad. It never wakes me up, but sometimes makes falling asleep difficult.
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