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Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six A friend of mine in our Toronto office wants to go do this this summer, just to have it under his belt, and wants me to come along for the ride. I hear it has like a 30% pass rate and while I recognize that's skewed by low-tier law firm participants, I'm not sure I'd fall into that category. Given that I know Canadian / UK law - ie, basic legal principles are very similar and we often borrow a lot of law from the USA -...
New items: Filson computer bag and Lidfort boots. Also, price drops on previously-posted items.
Alvar Aalto-designed kitchen table. Produced by IFC. 47" square top and 29" high. Legs removed by screw driver. Birch legs and border with black linoleum top. Awesome table. In Morristown, NJ and for sale to someone in NYC area. $400. I could transport for small additional fee.
Depends on how you prepare... Since you grill, I would say thin. If you braise, boil or pan-cook, I would suggest thick. In other words, the lighter, higher temperature cooking of the grill does not counteract the thicker fibers, whereas it does if you're cooking for a longer time with more moisture.
Update and price drops.
Price drops and update.
RamiJ was a great buyer -- prompt payment and easy to communicate with.
Closet cleaning...some decent bargains to be had. Paul Stuart suit: 38R, made in Canada PS main-line suit. Fabric is an unusual and versatile pattern of greenish mid-gray with an overcheck of gold, scarlet and blue. The fabric really looks like a conservative window pane, but the colors can be played up. Works as great add-on suit to work into rotation. $125>$100>$80>$70$60 CONUS. Fully lined. Pants cuffed with double pleats. Measurements: 30.5" length from bottom...
Another price drop.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr. magoo Another set of price drops. And again
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