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Quote: Originally Posted by ektaylor People are either really friendly or think I'm some kind of California gay. Could be both.
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen what is it about that picture of my mom that everyone likes so much? Please tell me you were breast-fed.
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen I would go a step farther and say that this young man shouldn't go to law school until hes spent a few years getting used to work. I'd rather hear more about your avatar, thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas Good call. Usually one of the higher paying positions at any non-profit (not saying much), and at the high end very well compensated. Quote: Originally Posted by skitlets Please do tell about non-profit development work. Perhaps a PM? From a previous post of mine on Styleforum: I've touted this field before on SF, but my wife's career track would be great: development work...
Quote: Originally Posted by skitlets I don't know how people do it. I'm applying to law school this fall and this aspect scares me to death. Hell, I think 40 hours a week is too much. It's what put me off from applying last year... I looked into medic or firefighting since they have more relaxed schedules and also work towards the public good. My naive youthfulness still thinks I'll find a relaxed law job in the future that meets the same...
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloIDistance I know there are some lawyers on here, so I have a question. If you were to repost a picture that someone posted online on another site would this be legal. For example, say I posted a picture on the WAYWT thread and someone saved the picture and used it on their blog. Legal? I've been reading about it, but it seems like a real grey area. I'm an attorney, but haven't got a good grasp of this sort...
More price drops
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six A friend of mine in our Toronto office wants to go do this this summer, just to have it under his belt, and wants me to come along for the ride. I hear it has like a 30% pass rate and while I recognize that's skewed by low-tier law firm participants, I'm not sure I'd fall into that category. Given that I know Canadian / UK law - ie, basic legal principles are very similar and we often borrow a lot of law from the USA -...
New items: Filson computer bag and Lidfort boots. Also, price drops on previously-posted items.
Alvar Aalto-designed kitchen table. Produced by IFC. 47" square top and 29" high. Legs removed by screw driver. Birch legs and border with black linoleum top. Awesome table. In Morristown, NJ and for sale to someone in NYC area. $400. I could transport for small additional fee.
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