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Duffle is more versatile because it fits over jackets, which also makes it the warmest. Car coat is likely the most versatile of those three aesthetically. I think pea is the most casual. I have many coats and duffle has always been winter go to.
PM sent re Buonomassa.
I'm also interested in acquiring. What weather does it work well in or poorly in? At what temperature would you consider it too warm? How long is it when worn? A roomy cut or kind of tapered?
Sold pending payment
7 day + bump. (Apologies if that's not the interpretation of the current bump rules; I haven't sold much under the new regime.)
Sold pending payment.
This was purchased from Lance (Virtualclotheshorse) a few years ago when I thought I was going to have a winter wedding. Ended up having a summer wedding and it's probably been worn less than five times. I recently moved to a warmer climate and I see no reason to keep. -pure and liquid cashmere -peak lapels -ticket pocket -buttoned pleat -surgeon's sleeves -fully lined (black in body and Borrelli grid plaid in sleeves) -handwork throughout (real handwork, not...
Previously purchased from another forum member but never worn by me. I recently moved to a warmer climate and have no use for the garment, but it's perfect. Vintage blue plaid, no longer made by Filson, size 40. Only blemish is small nick in the shoulder.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire These are not 9-5 jobs (but then again, what really well paying jobs are?) and you really need to be a self-starter. If you want an eye opener, pull the 990s on any local non-profit with a budget >$10 million and development revenues > $1.2 million or so. You'll find the head development person will being making 110k or more. Get into the big leagues, like say chief development officer for a large university, and...
I used to adore Blue Hill, it was my personal favorite in NYC, but now think it's a bit "too big" for its confines. Regardless, not one of the best restaurants in the US, though very, very good. Note that the award requires having been open for ten years, so places like Per Se or BH@SB can't be nominated. I personally liked Coi when I visited, but haven't been to Benu. I thought it was overpriced, but it was good and the service was top notch. Also really liked...
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