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Quote: Originally Posted by anderalex I can say that today it become a huge trend of wearing slim fit t-shirts, as they looks cool and trendy. I had seen so many men wearing them but I think it suites to some men only. I love the t-shirt you had given they looks nice. Slim fit doesn't cost too much then it also depends upon the brand you prefer. What do mean today, this fashion is around forever from 70s if not early.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bentley But every joke contains a kernel of truth. That's what makes a joke funny. That's why people get offended by racist jokes, sexist jokes, etc. It's because the joke contains some pre-supposed truth that minorities or women are in some way inferior. I'm searching for the kernel of truth in this joke...I don't get it. No, just majority of people are not getting jokes. And regarding HB quality, I do...
Quote: Originally Posted by kinch How much should I expect to pay to have a pair of trousers recut? This is a BB suit, so I won't be taking it to the $$$ ones like Raphael. After reading through this thread, I'm thinking Wilfred? Well, I just went to LNC in China Town, to let pants waist out and hemming cost me $25. Despite I was not satisfied with a length Mr. Chit fixed everything in 30 minutes for no additional charge. I asked about re...
Pictures and measurements would be great.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnny_flapjack Word. +1 Word Son
I can be mistaken, I hope not to this wedding?
Donald J Pliner, prices from $150 to $300, I have 5 of them most expensive one fits bit tight. My everlasting problem is to fix them, believe me they can not be trusted just like that to any cobbler.
Quote: Originally Posted by dunelly Has anyone here tried stuff from ebay? There seems to be a huge influx of slim fitted shirts from multiple sellers from south korea. An example http://stores.ebay.com/StylishHomme2...fsubZ605632017 I would suggest to avoid these cheap synthetic materials. They shrink, not durable and some of them recommended to dry clean which can be pricey after all. If you even hand wash them a color will be washed...
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