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If you want more pics or want to make another offer, just email me. Thanks again.
Hey there. Winter is over, but next winter isn't too far off (especially if you live in Canada). I've got a parka here that I've worn a bit and am willing to part with. I'm moving so I'm trying to eliminate all non-essential articles. I'll copy and paste the details from somewhere else: FEATURES: -Poly-cotton Arctic-Tech outer shell treated with DWR fabric protection -Tunnel hood with coyote-fur ruff -Adjustable drawcord hood and adjustable hood strap -Two way...
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Do you need uplifting, or just lighter? To "cleanse the palate," I like goofball writers like T.C. Boyle or Tom Robbins, or good crime novels like James Ellroy (Ellroy's take on humanity being not very positive, thought). Agreed with above. Vonnegut is always positive, though I'm sure he needs no recommendation. "Confederacy of Dunces" is light and heavily hilarious.
You're confusing him with Langdon Alger. He is very quiet and enjoys puzzles. "Nonconformity" is terrific and "The Man With The Golden Arm" is probably my all time favorite book. I liked "Walk on the Wild Side", but it wasn't as good as the aforementioned books or "Never Come Morning". Quote: Do American faces so often look lost because they are tragically trapped between a very real dread of coming alive to something more than merely existing, and an...
Not really any skills to speak of, but here's some photos.
Who else loves this guy's writing and feels, like I do, that it's criminal how generally unrecognized he is? You'd think someone Hemingway called "the second best writer" in the world (presumably next to himself) would be more widely read.
Baraka is such a phenomenal film. For some reason I thoroughly enjoy all of the "Red Harvest" based films, i.e. "Yojimbo", "Kill!", "Last Man Standing", "Fistful of Dollars", "Django", etc. Also, the first 15 minutes or so of "Once Upon a Time in the West" is very likely one of my favorite pieces of cinema. Unfortunately, the rest of it doesn't hold up so well...
Merkur Futur + Rooney Brush + TOBS Cream
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