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Quote: Originally Posted by Nananine Isn't... today Thursday? MY GOD.... YOU ARE right... it IS thurseday... Now, I feel extreamly stupid...
someone said barney's extra 25% off will start this thurseday, but looks like it's starting today...? (got the email today)
I remember, I wish I could afford that kind of jeans when I was 14! I'm actually jelous!!! LOL
lots of drinking water sure do help.... I was told to try on vaseline ... (yea, vaseline) at night when you go to sleep... it actually did work for me....
diesel online store started 50% off sale...
I purchased this jacket from yoox recently... I don't know who/what is DIONISO.... anyone know more about the label? http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3565/...6a8366.jpg?v=0
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff definitely go with losing as much weight as you can. i am currently at my fattest again (not at my fattest back in 07 which was 210+lbs) at 198lbs and i want to lose 30 lbs so much i will do whatever i can to do it again (and i have plenty of times throughout my life) i miss that slim look right now because i have lot of jeans and coats and stuff that i cant really wear right now. I found my twin!
I don't live in nyc... but i found this... http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2009/..._sales_75.html
Barney's sales lady told me that in 3 weeks, they will have 60% off, then 75% off on July 4th week..
I just received e-mail from YSL.com today. "Shop the YSL Spring Sale, Online and In Boutiques up to 40% off" Tried to go check out their site, but seems like their sever is too busy...
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