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"Investment firm Integral Corporation said it had signed a deal to sponsor the brand and provide a cash injection. " "As part of the restructuring plan, Integral's Yoshihiro Hemmi, formerly vice-president of Adidas Japan, will become chairman of the fashion house's board. "
To be honest, I never pay attention to what kind of cotton they used for T-shirts I purchased.... I usually just touch and feel it to decide to buy... Many of brand name t-shirts now a days, are pretty soft... Now I do wonder if their t-shirts is much softer or... anyone else have bought their t-shirts and tell me if you can really tell the difference..? I'm interested.
I have purchased "DIONISO" from yoox, a boots and jacket, and I liked them... I can't find much of the label info, and wonder if anyone know about them?
Quote: Originally Posted by stylesmurf It seems like they haven't reduced their prices in ages on the stuff that's already lowered. Plus: I wonder if they do anything with things that are stored as "favorites.".. for example, an item that is in 10 people's favorite box is much less likely to be discounted (or only discounted only slightly more) than something that is in nobody's. oh... you mean if people putting in an item in their "dream...
I'm sure you've already thought about this... but.. Do you know anyone who live in US so that they can ship the shoes to you for priority mail? I think if it's not boots, it'd cost around $US40 and so...
Saks should start 70%(or 75% can't remember...) off starting today (thurseday). I early this week, the sales person told me they were doing up to 60% off, but if you are Saks card memeber, then 70% (or 75%) off pre-sale for thurseday's sale... I didn't find anything I like from dallas saks... Althought they say "designer sale" I didn't see much of designer I wish they had in the store... probably different depending on the location, I'm sure...
Quote: Originally Posted by keykoo not that much cheaper from final sale at barneys. what's good is that they amalgate all the shit from the different stores. rick high tops were 600ish and MMM were 300ish. ah... ok Thanks for the info. I guess, now I know, I don't have to make special trip to nyc/LA ... lol
Quote: Originally Posted by keykoo They had the white MMM hightops in a lot of smaller size, iono about bigger cause i didn't check. Ditto for the Rick High tops (both white and black) and combat boots. As far as I'm concerned, giant sized shoes don't exist to me never had a chance to go to warehouse sale... how much cheaper are their stuff when it gets to warehouse? like how much was rick owen's hightops?
my problem is... i'm so used to big/huge sale.... now, 50% or additional 25% off isn't good enough for me anymore.... LOL
Anyone know exactly when Barney's is going to start 75% off? (is next sale 75% off??)
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