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other visible information I can see... is.. where the coin pocket in front... has black metal?! "RL" attach to it.. and back of belt loop is black leather with RL on it
to be honest with you, I'm not sure what this line will be... the inside label says "RALPH LAUREN"it doesn't say "japanese selvedge" like most RRL jeans do, but the inside seem shows me selvedge... (i maybe wrong, but i think it is)
I have a quick question... about how the quality-wise for each line.. denim & supply < Ralph Lauren (RL) < RRL ? or denim & supply < RL = RRL the price seems like denim & supply < RL = RRL I found RL selvedge black jeans, but not sure if I should get RRL instead...
By the way, LOVE THIS THREAD!! Thank you!
don't forget US$1 = JPY77 right now!
I remember seeing some McQ stuff there, as well.
Can anyone move this tread to "I have a jeans..." thread? I "THOUGHT" i posted on that tread, but I should have click "reply" to the thread instead of "post new" .... my bad... sorry...
Thank you for the information...I'm sorry, probably my english... but..Did you mean McQ is for sure always sanforized... but not sure about Alexander McQueen?The denim I got isn't McQ line, but AMcQueen ...Either way, it is still wear-ble... unless I gain any more weight...then I will be end up selling :P
Thank you!They are tight but wearable at the moment, so hopefully, they will stretch to fit better as I wear more often....I was just a bit worried if it doesn't stretch at all...
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