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Thank you for the info!I agree with you about the barney''s a bit obvious they are super attentive to their "regular" customers, but...anyway, thank you for the link, too... i sure will go check it out sometime this weekend!
Sorry about bad pictures.... this is the jeans I have been talking about... I don't know how to add pictures within the the post.. but here is the link to the photo
thanks...I didn't ready entire 760 pages of this thread, but kind of skim through some of them... and thought people finding RRL jeans on outlet..That was why i was wondering...I go to northpark mall... mind telling me the store name? or there is RL store? that I never noticed....?
Any Ralph Lauren outlet store carry RRL stuff? I live in DFW area... maybe I should go check out this weekend..
yeah, I can.... when I get home, i will up the picture (at work at the moment)
Thank you for your information.It does look exactly like one in the picture (how the tag is).And I'm glad I have another person confirm me it's good quality jeans!Sorry, maybe my english wasn't good enough to be clear... butIt does say made in "USA", and was confused what line it was... since the tag/label was not cursive "RALPH LAUREN"If I am not mistaken, if the edge of the seam is clean like one in the picture, it's selvedge... correct?It looks like in the picture,...
Again, thank you for your info/reply.For some reason you said it's good... make me think it's good I think i will keep it,thanks!
it has black label/tag with "RALPH LAUREN" in silver thread sew onto it (non cursive, inside, back side).and Since it's selvedge, it purchased it...but I still can return it.. so i want to see if it's close to RRL quality or not...If not, i'd more likely return it and look for RRL... is my intention...
it sounds like it is black label... do you know quality of denim is same as RRL? The original price is like $295
it says made in USA
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