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I live in dallas, and i saw RRL items at TJmaxx. However, either they educated themself well or something, now they price RRL stuff higher than typical TJ price. You may have better luck finding RRL stuff on TJmaxx which carry runway stuff (for women). I'm guessing for RRL stuff that showed up in TJmaxx randomly, probably will price lowered, however, they stock as RRL, they seem price much higher. For example, the khaki selvedge denim pants (?! don't know what you call...
It sure is runway store
you should go check out your near by TJ
I know not all the tjmaxx will have designer items, but thought to let people know so they can check out their near by tjaxx. I think the denims are selling for $150 and shirts for $99. Only price I didn't check was the shorts, although the original tag says something like $480 if I'm not mistaken. If I wait long enough, I can see they will mark down to $35 lol, yet I doubt there will be any decent size left to be that low..
I hopped into TJ maxx this evening, and surprised to find few RRL, I'm pretty sure it's old season's but thought to mentioned in here.. I took pictures of them as well... :P
no, no, it was other thread... i was reading... RRL thread is cool sorry for the confusion... when I meant "here" as "this forum"I'm not gonna pin point which thread... don't want to create something just because how I felt..
I'm sorry about off-topic comment, but I realized how nice you guys are in this thread. (to help me identify RL black label jeans although it wasn't about RRL) I know I'm not really a new member on this forum, but I only just read some threads, and ask few questions in this forum. I happened to read one thread here, and saw some regular members who they seems to know each other bullying to a person who is probably not up to their level?! of fashion style. It almost...
Thank you for all the info!I learned so much just by asking this pair of jeans, I'm very appreciate to all of you guys who answered me.and I'm def. keeping this pair now... thanks to you guys! (but I still will go check out RRL store this weekend XD)I have a few question that, on the website, black label of back label (belt loop) actually spell out "Ralph Lauren", and this pair is just "RL".Is it because this is season old?Do you know, if they also use japanese selvedge?...
This pair says feels like straight slim, and quite thick/ got little shine to it, so I guess... it's waxed/coated..So, this is RL black line? and is selvedge, you think?
ah.. got ya!I have been to outlet in Allen (it's by dallas) before, and i don't think i have seen RRL, so I was curious when I read about people talking about finding RRL stuff at outlet store.I've got a pair of RRL from ebay, and I wear them all the time during fall/winter.
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