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Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog does anyone know where i can find a stockist for amouage in boston? Their website has a store-finder, but nothing listed for Boston.
That's vintage Vetiver.
Bois de Violette for me anticipation for our giant dump of snowing happening later today. What does BdV have to do with snow you ask? Nothing. Just whining.
Missoni for me today. Chocolate-fruity-floral-madness.
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy Went to Bergdorf today and tried some fragrances to my heart's content. Tried Oud Wood and didn't really like it... I really liked the Kilian fragrances I tried. Perhaps it's because I haven't tried many floral fragrances for men. The two I tried were very floral but really high quality. Liasons Dangerous is really nice. It's hard for me to pinpoint the notes. Prelude to Love was gorgeous. Smells like orange blossoms...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Eh, so I screwed the pooch and got the samples mixed. The heavy hitter yesterday was EPIC Man, not DIA. Today, I'm trying DIA. That makes sense. Dia Man happens to be one of my a very expensive rendition of Declaration's cardamom note. Testing more of the new Dior line today...Leather Oud is growing on me! One of the better ouds on the market today methinks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Got in my box from Aedes so its sample time!!! First up - Amouage Dia - holy shit this is potent. Its so fucking strong that its masking all but one scent and I can't really make out what that is. Despite that, its smells really good. I find it rather demure?? Oh wait...women's or men's? Women's...yes, strong. Men's, not so much. Testing Dior Mitzah today. Good alternative to Ambre Sultan.
What Thomas said...only in Dior boutiques (also for sale on their site btw). Leather Oud is might actually like Thomas as you have a thing for Le Labo's. Keep in mind that Montale has two oud-leathers...Aoud Leather (bad) and Oud Cuir d'Arabie (good). Wearing New Look 1947 today...beautiful...girly...but I'm still going to wear it.
Quote: Originally Posted by L'Incandescent Looks like the TF Private Blends are making a strong showing in SOTD after the savage assaults by Dane and Rach! It's not my fault they're overpriced crap! Rebrand, sell for $79.99 and we'll talk. Testing the new Dior Couturier collection...some of the boys on here might like their Vetiver, will no doubt *love* Leather Oud (yawn), and Granville is a great dandifier. Not a bad set...a few duds,...
^^ I'm the one who talked him into it! Sorry! Either way, I have all the Etat's I like...and none of the OJ's really do it for me at the moment.
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