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Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter Hmmm, just got a bottle of that. So far very underwhelmed. I'll give it a shot again in a few days, thanks for the reminder. I saw so many good reviews of GV but found it very underwhelming. Maybe I missed something? Starts off too strong but overall i really like that one. Can be found for pretty cheap and it's a nice fruity tobacco leather thing. Nice work, although a little too sweet at times. I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Clearly, this signifies the fact that you're a hopeless romantic. That, or you're trying to replicate the smell of the bug spray you had on the first time you and Mrs. Thomas went camping. Or he wants to smell crotchety.
Givenchy Vetyver for me again today.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Yesterday - ELdO Tom of Finland - I can't for the life of me figure out what the notes are in this. All I know is that I like it and want it. This scent turns me into Fleece Johnson. Today - Ormonde Man - Damn it. One of those days where I don't like it. To my nose - aldehydes, lemon, and suede. Great stuff. Givenchy Vetyver today. Too subtle. Too bad.
Got a few new bottles in a swap today...wearing CDG2, Chanel No. 22, and Givenchy Vetyver. ...yes, all of them...I got a little excited.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Etro Patchouli today. A little on the smokier side. Not bad but not great. I still think L'Artisan's Patchouli Patch is the best of the bunch but I haven't tried that many yet. I agree re: PP. I always "liked" it, until I noticed the interesting, peachy, osmanthus note. Good stuff. ELDO's Nombril Immense is another good patchouli if you're looking for simplicity. Not wearing anything today...hung over.
Eau Noire for me today. Sometimes it's just...too...much...
Are we talking about the women's LL or the men's? Either way, I quite like both.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Montales are a big no-go for me. I don't even like having their samples around. Ya, me too...but I own one that I found a bit bland after a while, so I mashed them together.
^^ I used to layer it with various Montales. Yvresse today...Mitsouko's a peach.
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