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Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff lot of people think that Satan would smell foul, or, would wear Secretions Magnifiques, or acier aluminium, or something hard to smell like that. but i believe his fragrance would be the most beautiful and enticing of them all. it would get no negative or neutral reviews on basenotes out of 500 reviewers. Not quite 500, but Bois des Iles has 33 reviews, and only 1 neutral! Meh. Wearing Missoni...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff lol so true. i tell you, i went to the nordstrom, the sales reps there have it all memorized as soon as i point to a bottle or pick it up they knee-jerk exclaim "CARY GRANT!!" i pick up another bottle ..."KING OF PERSIA!!!" i was so scared to pick up another bottle!! ...it would have been made for Satan himself, and it would have been called Love in White.
The Creed-ness of this thread is starting to stink the place up....I feel BN moving in.
Aesop Mystra for me today....strange stuff...gets dangerously close to smelling like Whole Foods, but manages to come out on the other side a winner. Skanky too!
Quote: Originally Posted by MyTailorIsRich ^^^that's how it went for me with Aqua di Gio. It was pretty much gone after a few hours. Dane - i mean lightvas in low projection and low longevity. Do you find it otherwise? Boo- definitely try Orange Spice. It was a wild ride, especially because I wore it to work. Seem to recall Rambo recommending some "stinky orange" scents a few pages back. I'll have to check those out. I've always found...
Quote: Originally Posted by MyTailorIsRich Acqua di Gio por Homme. I wanted something light today. I think I am still recovering from Creed Orange Spice. Light? TDC Osmanthus for me today. Perfection in a bottle.
Quote: Originally Posted by MyTailorIsRich Creed Orange Spice. This one is kind of intense! I love the musky bitter orange or blood orange combination but this has the most projection of any scent I have tried. This needs a light touch for my taste (I used 3 sprays and that is too much). I see BN lists COS as unisex but this seems very masculine to me. This is a great way to think about acquiring scents - some are 10ml scents, some 30ml, and some...
Spring-like here too...so I went the opposite route with Ambre Soie. Would very much like a whole bottle of this.
Quote: Originally Posted by boo I hate reading stuff like this. Suddenly, I feel that I desperately need to buy a bottle. Doesn't mean GTI turns girls on...it just means that particular girl is a whore. --- If anyone wants their cologne to last longer, spray it on your forearm...hair keeps fragrance longer than skin.
Quote: Originally Posted by boo I put "model car parts" on the customs form, and throw a few paper clips into the box so that you hear them when you shake it. I then put a fake sender name and return address. I also inform the recipient of what I'm doing, and require that they be willing to bear the customs risk in the transaction and pay via a gift. I know a lot of people just put "cosmetics" on the customs form and get away with it, but I also heard of...
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