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Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Eau d'hermes layered with Kiehl's Musk oil today. RAWR! I absolutely stink delightfully today. ...I was wondering what that screaming sound was.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog What are some good niche, citrus-based fragrances? My fav is The Different Company's Bergamote...beautiful stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Rochas Man. Rach really likes Maurice Roucel, but for some reason his creations don't quite set their hooks in on me: I wear them and think, nice, fine, even wonderful...and then I set them aside. I have a hard time with many of his as well...but Missoni keeps me in his fan-section. Amouage Dia Man for me today.
tdc osmanthus. Mmm...peachy.
Quote: Originally Posted by spitfirees20 These look perfect; what about sizing on these? If I wear a 30 in NS, should I get a 30 in these? I would. SE will be able to help you with sizing questions though.
Quote: Originally Posted by wEstSidE i dont own a pair. the last time i tried a pair of diors on was maybe 2007. i don't really give a shit about them but many people like them. online you can buy at luisaviaroma (expensive) or eluxury (less expensive) offline you can cop at barneys, perhaps other places. Didn't eluxury shut down, like, a year ago? Not totally dissimilar would be Acne Mic. Simple jeans, nice slim cut without being...
Quote: Originally Posted by tps16 I guess I never noticed this thread before...weird today--Chanel Sycomore Welcome to the madness. CDG 2 for me today.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Fat Electrician and Verveine were the only two new vetivers that I actually thought were decent. You got vetiver in Verveine??? SL Clair de Musc for me today.
100% Love. I 100% Love it.
Quote: Originally Posted by herzzreh I ended up getting these... length-wise they are fine, but daaamn are they narrow. Is it the opposite for "regular" Dr Martens? Bumpity bump. I like reading the posts in this thread... I bought the RSxDM's mentioned here...they are rather tight at the moment, hoping they'll be comfortable in time.
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