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Pic without hand on hip? Shoulders look like they don't fit, but that may just be the pose.
Not the most original, but easy:
The pants are also bad.
"It’s one thing to know how to mix and match suits, ties and with whatever you have, but I love to constantly switch my outfits constantly from all sorts of influences." Constantly.
Sadly selling this because it's too large for me. Tagged Size 2, but fits larger than a typical Julius size 2. Will likely fit a 38 (48 euro) (see measurements below). Very stiff, withered black goat leather. Two on-seam pockets, two inside pockets. Lined in silky material (cupra maybe?). Measurements (approximate): Shoulder: 45cm Pit: 49cm Sleeve (from shoulder seam): 71 Length (below collar): 64 Width (at hem): 52 Purchased brand new from, tried on a...
Found some vintage L'Heure Bleue EDC yesterday, so wearing that today. Not quite up to par with the extrait, but still very nice. I can't believe people are paying hundreds of dollars for Creed and the like, while vintage (or even new) Guerlain and Chanel can be had for a fraction. To each their own I guess.
Here's your chance to buy something that doesn't suck!The Pour Un Ete for me today.
Quote: Originally Posted by kevinsp8 Gucci Envy for men... great assertive masculine scent... much better than the one for women IMO... same interesting 'green' note with added ooomph. Recently discontinued, now or never. Says who? Guerlain Ylang & Vanille for me today.
Quote: Originally Posted by gwolf i love le male.. how far is it though to the pour un homme and jicky? they're both lavender vanilla frags. i was just at the gendarme counter and they didn't stock it. saw gendarme original, sky, V. i've been looking into these.. l'occitane l'occitan acca kappa blue lavender and whatever crabtree and evelyn replaced their lavender water with.. Etat Libre's Antiheros is my fav...
That Le Labo oil is potent stuff...good deal for the price frankly. Ironic how you wore two scents with patchouli in the title, neither of which smell anything like patchouli.
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