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I saw the program Sunday. It started from the tragic lost of lives when several garment, sowers- the majority was women, jumped to their death to avoid a fire in the building (circa 1930) because of the poor building conditions. Then that was preceded by the organization of the garment district unions ; how the business was operated and who were the "schmatas"; the political clout they held (Kennedy); the deregulation of the businesses (Reagan); the outsourcing of fashion-...
Attachment 31714 ]..brazed salmon, curly cucumbers, caviar, and roe w/ Thai spices - Symply Ayzen (Tenleytown, DC) [ATTACH]31715[/ATTACH ..breakfast...salmon with eggs and grilled mashed potatoes - Matchbox (Capitol Hill, DC)
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus geste, that jacket is ridiculously cool. Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 geste, that is pretty cool. Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus damn that's a badass jacket THNX everyone! I will post better pics w/detailing.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I think it is a shirt worn on the legs. +1
FW/'06 RL REPLICA, 1964 THOMPSON MOTORCYCLE JACKET - Material:BELTING LTHR Attachment 31584 Attachment 31585 crappy pics
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Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro ..Please remember the tote makes a great gift specially for Mom's , girlfriends, and mistresses. They also make great shopping bags and so much more. this will be my incentive to get two - I won't get to use my "benefits" though lol!
Quote: Originally Posted by justtemple i like r&b but their prices are jumping up too much for my tastes. ...blk leather -FLAK- jacket, est. retail $3k-$4k avl at SAKS Nov.5th
Quote: Originally Posted by justtemple live in or around DC much? ..yes, i see it on a daily basis - constantly. more than likely a generational trend but some of the ones i've seen reminds me of the "rainbow coalition banners" or my phobia of clowns. Maybe i'm being too overly critical; nevertheless, to each his own.
Quote: Originally Posted by Casual http://profile.imageshack.us/user/whodini Great photos and what I've seen is even nicer in person. THNX!
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