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Quote: Originally Posted by unicornwarrior It doesn't say the market's tastes have changed, it only says people have less money so they want to pay less. Makes sense. I agree w/u on that statement. From reading that article, it only mentions the "fad" brands. It's evident that the NY times are clueless about the affiliates on styleforum and the true denim fashionistas. they provide superior quality denim brands and some, make them for alot...
2006 Acura TL F-LDD w/LTHR 42,000m I'm selling for $19,500.00 in the MD/ VA/ D.C. area contact for details: Attachment 31874 Attachment 31875 Attachment 31876 Attachment 31877 Attachment 31878
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Yeah, those Louboutins look totally legit.... ^+1
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro We ALL also know that factory will NEVER EVER be used again and that I won't be doing business with Chad again ( he is a nice guy and means well but business is business). ..for realz? That's scary........I'll have to crawl back into my "hole"
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus If it's mediocre picture day then I guess I'll post mine up. Mostly just a fit pic of the new boots. Also wasn't going to bother posting but whatever. That's a good mediocre
mea culpa
does anyone know who will stock rag&bone F/W M leather jackets this season? Particularly the FLAK
are you guys planning on updating the womens wear on the site (again)? I know several friends interested in Diesel jeans and wear. I know it sucked this past S/S season, even when you had a blowout sale.'s almost "show-time" for the contest - i'm interested as to how they are coming along. I only wear mine maybe once a week.
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