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Prada Attachment 32343
Andrew Marc MOTO Jacket (goat) Attachment 32340 Attachment 32341 Attachment 32342's only revolution..what went around..comes back around. Are celebrations in store?..hmmm...We'll just have to wait and see.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro ^^ thanks! Where the hell have you been??? Do you want to meet up friday? I'll give you a call later.
It sounds like everything is "off-da-hook" over there......congrats.
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet ...Where's the logo? Where's the celeb connection? It's the disappearing aspirational customer who is causing this shift. that really sums it up! Well put!
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS No worries. I should have explained better.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Well, its all about longevity. Jeans don't tend to last long enough, thus the premium price paid is frankly due to marketing than to craftsmanship as it is in high-end shoes or suits (mens jeans, shoes, and suits). Plus coupled with the fact that the price of jeans jumped dramatically during the 'premium' jean fad, that well, its rather obvious that no jean was ever worth such an exuberant retail price. As...
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Paying $300 for jeans is just silly. ..this..^
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