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Quote: Originally Posted by Tooch4321 I already have every single one I wanted, so by all means buy away because mine are safe in my closet... Talk shit about the Bears all you want, but you better not be calling me a "cheap bastard"... No..that's relating to a conversation I had with Pai-man yesterday when I stopped by the store, relating to a department store shopper. Hell, as broke as I am, i wouldn't say that to anyone - but the...
Quote: Originally Posted by fosho You should be good on everything. We're running low on MWAC in size 33, though. ------------------------------------------------ ALL MEASUREMENTS FOR NEW WINGS + HORNS DELIVERY ARE NOW ONLINE. THANKS!! - btw, I witnessed another "cheap bastard" this morning, LOL!! It's really unbelievable - Just like Tooch's, "Da-Bears"
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 I think these would work LOL!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Tooch4321 I bought them all, so you get nothing! What?!! How can you do this to me! I know want you are "waiting" for and I'm going to purchase all of your sizes you wear -
Quote: Originally Posted by fosho It was probably the Slim Fit then, unless you wanted the black ones, which are $260. ..the RRL Slim Fit it is! 33in. or 34in. How are the 33's/34's in MWOC doing? I promised that I'll wait until the SF vultures leave the "discards"
Quote: Originally Posted by fosho Which ones? The Slim Fit is $220. I think that they were next to the MWOC or right below them - sorry
Fosho or FxUpLkShrp - what is the price on the RRL jeans? Also are the XL, grn & orng before dinner shirts still there? I forgot to pick them up the other day - mea culpa
I have an "I.O.U." that's been driving me f**king mad-crazy! - other than that.., I usually carry around $100.00
I was at Farinelli's Saturday and tried on the MWAC/ has an interesting fit, TTS and the slim fit at the thighs are not really a problem. Just think of it as "form" fitting. Before trying on these "secretive ninja" jeans, I normally wear a 34in. w., FxUpLkShrp handed me a 33in. w. and they were immediate a must have. (perhaps pursuaded by the "before-dinner-"ORANGE"-shirt" combination) The color (very dark), the details (conversation pieces), the fit , and the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro THE HOLIDAY PARTY WILL BE ON THE 19th I think that s the best date! I might miss this one
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