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..I hope that GILWOOD didnt get lost in this...checkout the "Northfacephobia" thread..there are some interesting posts and suggestions there on what you are looking for or may consider.
...where is the Wolf? NYC or DC?
Quote: Originally Posted by snake Nice look, but the fit of that peacoat just looks off. The cut isn't very flattering IMHO, esp in this pic. Now that's one awesome "randomdude" w/ a nice peacoat. I took the inside "chest button" and placed it on the bottom of the back vent/split. That way the flare is noticable contained.
I have a pair of PRADA goat skin shoes (brown) and the way that works for me, is to wrap a toothbrush with a 100% cotton cloth and gently wipe.
You may want to look at "SPYDER" (pre-2005), "KJUS", and "NORRONA" - costly, but well worth the money spent. If moneys an issue, try Arcteryx's "Beta AR" or the Northface's "Mammatus" The Northface "Mammatus" is not a "mall-wear-jacket" these and a couple of other exclusive are not know to the "general public"
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro ^^word. RRL is online and it's fucking cold out!!! that Parka is NO JOKE 90% down and 10% water fowl , I believe it could be 100% down. All I know is the WvG peacoat with a sweater kept me plenty warm today in NYC and it was C.O.L.D. Word! - the "coat" is toast-y even without a sweater!
Attachment 34690 R&B car coat RRL Japan oxford BlueBlood/ DryGoods denim Gucci motorcycle boots Ferragomo belt "please excuse the miniture sizing of pix"
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Tsovet. I've debated this purchase for a while. ...just like the Bell&Ross i've been eyeing
hey mauro, do you still have my "stash" at the store? - i'm still waiting on the "tally" for the items.
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