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Yo - Chief, What's up? will contact you later.
..u should really look at "Stitches" jeans - the TR's are copies, in a few days? "keep on...keeping on" - dude.
...what about the custom fit suits? What are the details for getting one?
Mauro...chck ur pm!
....Mauro, check your pm..... a rule, the shoes should "ALWAYS" match the belt
... urban icons whether you like it or not.
Mauro, did you check your pm? call me later, I'm in the "bunker"
Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite he's in ny afaik, and who did this for you? i'm curious for pictures. ...I'll be at the store this weekend...if your in the neighborhood. I'm crap when it comes to taking pix. Local cleaners on Capitol Hill/ Eastern Market area.
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