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The sea-island-cotton shirt is PRICELESS! People think that it's a $300+ shirt! Any more in the pipe?
Clive Christensen's No.1, 1872, & X Creed Aventus Hermes Voyager Bond No.9 CHAZ & SOHO Tom Ford OUD Gucci Sport Jaipur
I always use a standard eraser....yup, the school block type. Spray on some kiwi suede cleaner, lightly, and rub w/the eraser then wipe with clean dry cloth - works every time.
...cold water, gentle wash, & non-bleach detergent......thats what i wash mine in and my alpha SV
Hey Mauro - still trying to kop peach BDS and other numerous items/ txt msg or c u when u return - lost in bosnia & herzegovina
..want to kop....sweat knickers & sweatshirt...paypal?
Congrats Mauro on the fashion show last night! The after party at JOSEPHINE was also cool! It was nice to see you and some familiar faces. I'll see you at the next function (DC/NYC) let get together soon - Peace. I WANT THAT MADLEY "FITZGERALD" BAG!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro ^^WTF!?! Adam, I am 5'10 and probably 12% body fat I would like to be at 9% and keep it like that. I am getting old so it's I am 6'1 at 160lbs. BMI @19% - I'm back from the dead (El Paso, TX) lol!
..SCOTT - 2010 Genuis 50 MTB - Schwalbe/ NOBBY NIC tyres; SRAM X9 derailer (long) and X9 shifters; SCOTT/ Equalizier 2 Lockout System w/SAG (body weight ratio) adjustment; ROCKSHOCK/ Revelations forks (120mm-130mm-150mm); ELIXIR 5 disc brakes system; SHIMANO crank, XTR shifter, and clip vs. road pedals. Weekly Saturday rides at Schaeffer Farms Bike Park - 10mi course (Seneca Park, Germantown, MD) Possible DH "2010 - SETTE VETTE" for September.
..does anyone know that RL started out "WORKING" for BrkBrthrs, selling ties? I'm sure he got pissed at the quality and that's why he went out on his own.
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