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Can someone confirm the shoes in this picture are Alden's? Which model are they?
The B/D combination is fixed or could there be a D/D or a C/D ?
Whats the B/D referring to?
Awesome sick IMO. Who created that awesome pair?
AAny comments on the Bexley Einfield? For 129€ It looks awesome. Is it aging ok?
Is this a cordovan Alden?
I found this at Brooks Brothers London store priced at £495. Are they Aldens?
To answer which question myself? Do you know what are we talking about?WTF?
What were the prices like at C&J and EG? Is It worth the trip even for a popular size like 8.5UK? Thanks for the info!
Any recent visit to the factory store in Northampton? Whenever I ask about It on the C&J Jermyn St store the manager tells me that the trip is not worth It.
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