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I've never had "authentic" sushi, but I can recommend Douzo and Fuyakyu (in Brookline) as some higher-end sushi restaurants - they both receive reasonably high reviews and have a great reputation.
Finance. And Accounting. Specifically, you will want to learn about finance options directed at entrepreneur ventures. Many business schools offer courses specific to starting new ventures, so see if you can enroll in some of those classes? They will discuss a lot of info regarding valuation, pitching to angels, pitching to VC's etc. You'd do some good for yourself in learning about how to write a business plan and how to pitch it.
cool i hoped i helped. also i know a guy who is also a JD and in the MS/MBA program. nice guy and would for sure be willing to provide some insight, given he's gone through the situation that you're considering. if you want to chat, shoot me an PM.
don't let the cost hold you back - it's an investment in your career and future.knock out your GMAT. i mean, really knock it out of the park. gmat is gonna be a huge qualifier for merit-based scholarships. a good education may be more affordable than you think.i qualified for in-state at UMass too, in addition, my tuition would have almost entirely been covered. i also had a full ride to another local school. i ended up going somewhere else, despite the high price...
so... your location is Boston/Houston. Just putting it out there.. You could apply to Boston University's MS/MBA program. Both MS and MBA degrees at the same time. Then you can play both cards.
i agree, if you are familiar with their music and the tix aren't overly priced, they are great live performers. they do have great energy. i hope the venue is positive as well. i saw them at Austin City Limits (texas) just a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the whole performance (although the show was short).
Yes hangzhou is pretty good. I'm really not complaining. It's the only city that I've experienced in China so I don't have anything to go by. I can tell it's a significantly wealthier region judging by the number of Porsches, BMW, VW, and Land Rovers I'm seeing.Also +1 on the F visa -- the company wrote me a nice letter when I applied and things went through completely smoothly. I dunno anything about the Z one, i'll take your word for it that's its much more...
i am still reading through this thread but..i am in Hangzhou right now. i concur with statements the likes of:"I feel that there has to be something wrong with somebody for them to like living in China."YMMV depending on the locations and circumstances of your work in China. it's competitive though, I don't think an american or whatever can just waltz in and immediately pick up status. my mandarin sucks and i am barely getting by doing normal things. I can't comment on...
i have AE fifth street boots in brown and i love them. the last feels a little narrow to me, compared to my AE norwich. but they are very comfortable and versatile, and yes I wear them with jeans or a suit. all that said, both those and the daltons look outstanding -- you can't go wrong with either of those pics. good luck!
I had tried Estragon last week for restaurant -- I thought the tapas were pretty nice. The other tapas place is Toro. http://toro-restaurant.com/ For some decent cocktails, there's a speakeasy sorta bar that was recently redone in Central square Cambridge called "brick and mortar." It's right above Central Kitchen. And then for some really nice drinks there's a place called "drink" near the waterfront. http://drinkfortpoint.com/ small scene, great custom drinks and...
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