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  C & J Clifford
A business pal was asking me about suits he saw for sale on a website - deeply discounted, allegedly. You couldn't tell much from the photographs and descriptions. Most were branded "Galante Uomo," which I never heard of. So I told him I would inquire at the fountain of knowledge. Anyone know of "Galante Uomo?" Is that a real brand?
Certainly, I'd wear that coat but would draw a line at the hat.
I have three pair. All are made in Germany. Two are from Friederich's & Campbell, which has stores in Manhattan, West Palm Beach, Hamburg and Berlin. The other is branded Lunor. $500 sounds about right. Maybe a little more.
rose gold
Isn't this the first one?
Two things. First, props to Freddie Roach. Who expected Manny to come out slinging right hooks? Mr. Roach had identified an Hatton trait of "studying his right," and helped his fighter develop a strategy to exploit it. Second did you notice that, when Manny landed the decisive left, he was not watching the target? His head was down, slipping a punch. I guess its like a skillful guitar who doesn't have to look at the fretboard to know where the notes are.
From the beginning to the end ... losers lose, winners win, this is real, we ain't got ta pretend. The cold world that we're in ... is full of pressure and pain. I thought it would change. It's stayin' the same. 50 Cent 'Hate It or Love It."
Quote: Originally Posted by bob How does one wear a pair of orange trousers without looking like an asshole? ... [i]s it even possible ... ? I have tried, and failed.
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