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how does the seat fit on the slim cut? is it like levi's 'anti-fit' fit? i'd prefer denim that's more snug on my buttt.
Quote: Originally Posted by NateJP I currently have two pairs of Levi 514 jeans in size 31x32. I like how they fit right after being washed, and in this state the waist is 16.5", Thigh is ~11.5", with knee and leg opening both 8.5." The front rise is 9.5" and the back rise is 14.5." Unfortunately, after a the first day of wear they are substantially looser. There is butt sag, and they are too loose in the thighs. Can anyone recommend me a quality...
agreed. i do like the understated look of diesel vikers with the resin coating.
...popped collar polo
in no particular order: chuck t's pf flyers oniksuka tigers nike AM1, AM90's vans authentic
i try to do at least 5kms, every other day.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crakaveli i part my hair but i have it really short on the sides +1 i'm in the process of finding a new hair style, but my preferences always come back to one with a part on the side. my hair is very short on the sides and back, with the top varying in length depending on the season, mood, etc.
i'm looking for a slim fit bootcut chino/khaki, and haven't been able to find one
went searching for an extensive forum catered to men's fashion. originally was looking for a men's denim community, but, couldn't find one that didn't focus on women. ended up here...
baileys on the rocks
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