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I don't know that a .5 inch difference is that unusual, considering that you ordered shirts in a wide variety of fabrics. But if some of them don't fit anymore, bring them to Joe the next time he is in town and ask him what he can do for you. Usually he's pretty accommodating about fixing things.
I wish the lapels were a little wider, the gorge a little lower, the buttoning point a tad lower, the pants cuffed instead of hemmed, the sleeve pitch adjusted, and the waist given a bit of definition. But your question is whether anything is "really off," and I think, apart from the shoes (which stuck out at me), the answer is no.
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy Oops I just realized I got it from not I'm adding an inch to the shoulders and length and two inches to the sleeves. This should fix the sleeve length. I'm adding half an inch to the chest and waist. Does that sound good? Hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks like you need more than an inch on the shoulders--probably more like two.
Do you intend to wear it untucked like that? If not, it probably needs an addition two inches or so of length.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard This. If you're considering ordering from MyTailor, go Thomas Mason or don't go at all. Most of the non-TM fabrics leave quite a bit to be desired. TM Silver or Gold are great. The only instance in which I'd recommend the lower-end fabrics is for your first one or two orders. You'll need a few to get the fit right, and there's no reason to waste a lot of money doing so. I've found the fabrics...
If the OP was actually shilling a product he's selling, instead of asking a good-faith question, why would he point to an aspect of the product--e.g., the unusual tag--that appear to call its authenticity into question?
Quote: Originally Posted by Deuce Am I missing the MTM part? No. According to the FAQ on the website, there is no MTM. The OP was just mistaken on this point.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats If that is really the case, then it doesn't make any any sense to me... alden puts a steel shank in all shoes irrespective of whether they have 360 or 270-degree welt. I remember Ron (RIDER) saying that having a shank is overrated. Shanks are needed only when the waist area of the shoe is thinned/beveled so much that you NEED the metal shank to give support. I'll find that thread and post here. I'm no...
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM I know why they look like that, I just don't know why they do it. Is a 360 welt a selling point for someone? I believe the justification for the 360 degree welt is that it allows them to make a shoe without a steel shank, which they claim makes the shoe more comfortable to walk in.
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