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6-8 month PBJ xx-003, several washes (both machine and hand) very, very blue compared to my 45rpm sorahikos... almost makes them look greencast in comparison
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform What Comes Around Goes Around is one, but they are very expensive. i'd hardly consider that place a true vintage store... and everything is really overpriced theres a decent vintage store in the east village on 1st ave. around 12th st. ... nothing amazing, but they have a few decent finds for cheap
For that price, i'd rather get RW Gentlemen Travelers and wear them out myself. Quality with RW are proven whereas I've never heard of those. Also, it should be bed-stuY, not stu. ... hell, its not even pronounced stoo, so i don't know what the hell they were thinking.
I called them two days ago and they said they were expecting the shipment in at the end of this month. The guy I talked to couldn't give me concrete details, so I don't know how sure this is.
Quote: Originally Posted by iroh for the belt listed here 1) does it come with one or two different buckles, it does not mention a second buckle anywhere in the item description but then i read posts here and on other forums that this belt comes with a second buckle? i'm also considering picking up the tanner wallet as well, it looks so nice 2) and also, how is the site in general? recommend to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Yes, I believe they are. great. thanks
i searched the forum, but couldn't find my answer... are 5ep LDB rigid/raw sanforized? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked It was posted here, as that's SF member tie_collector. But do you realy save all the WAYWT pics you like onto your computer? Looks good. I don't like the hip flare on those jeans though. Only the ones that I like Those jeans probably arent the best for that outfit, yes. Darker and a slimmer top block would be great.
Don't remember if this was posted in this waywt or sufu's, but i think it has potential. Lose the tie, unbutton the top button, suede shoes, and a nice watch... and i think it'd look good.
OT hijacked those comments a while ago. Wolf shirts are a running joke over there.
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