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Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse All shoes of good quality should look good on you. Shoes don't look good with certain pants. Pair up a good shoe with the proper pants and you should not have that problem. No
The thing that most people overlook is that most creationists don't refute evolution in whole. It's more like this - Do life forms evolve and adapt? yes. Was life formed when millions of random elements happen to form together at the right place and time? no.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Not mine What are these?
Ok, I'm convinced that the OP is really Millionaire Teacher.
I would have thought that you would have figured out where to get fine leather products before your 6,0000th post.
It's US unless they say otherwise.(which they usually do) You can also look at the Origin in the description of the item.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat I like Tiger. I also like the animal tiger over the lion. You can pick the most sartorially savvy member on this forum and I will rather live my life as Tiger Woods for one day over his. I'm sorry, good free sex is much better than just looking like you're getting some. Tiger is a legend. I rank him right up there with Bruce Lee and IM Pei. This ordeal sure as hell won't be free. He was paying some...
Quote: Originally Posted by sw20 Why surprised? An alleged centimillionaire who lives in dumpy Orlando in a ~$2MM, ~20yo shack; drives a POS GM SUV; and eats crap at the local diners in FL... Money never bought taste And if pro golf didn't work out he'd have been a GM at a BestBuy or In-N-Out in Orange County about now... The guy is having a $40 million home built on Jupiter island. He is just living in his $2 million "shack" until that...
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Whoa. This thread is like a time capsule illustrating the evolution of SF groupthink. I was really thrown off by the first few replies until I noticed the date.
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