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Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Here's direct feedback: If Bonobos' idea of style is evidenced by the photo on the linked page then I will continue to not buy them. I've never quite understood this. It's just one picture. You don't have to buy the entire ensemble. Ralph Lauren puts together somethings that I think are horrendous but I'm not going to stop buying his products because of the way he puts them together. Maybe I'm just missing...
I got a pair of the Corps in the mail today. The fabric was pretty nice and a good weight for summer. The fit was good for me as well even though I only tried them on for a few minutes. I'll wear them tomorrow to see how the do after an entire day.
Quote: Originally Posted by lynch_king even for court a suit is a little too much. was talking with my dad who is a lawyer and he mentioned that for someone my age in this new culture, you really don't need to buy a suit anymore. GTFO!
Don't do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal I think you're too easily impressed if you think Toms shoes is an impressive act of charity. I also would question if this is even a good thing in balance. How much resources go into making those basically useless shoes? How much energy, human and otherwise does each pair of shoes represent? Could not that energy be directed in a much better fashion? Can't you say that diverting that energy from better projects creates a...
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Wow, this is just plumbing the depths. We're supposed to base our criticism or support based on how this project makes Tom feel? No I'm saying that this is probably the reason Tom does it and that the people that don't understand this have never done a damn thing for anyone else other than to write a check. If you have ever actually helped someone in need, you would actually know this.
Personally giving someone in need a pair of shoes and seeing there gratitude on there face cannot be replaced by simply increasing the amount you write on a check. That's why Tom's does this. I appreciate it more than someone boasting about how much money they gave to charity when in reality they have never gotten their hands dirty by helping someone.
I drop a whole size.
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 Who's troll are you again? Sadly, I don't think he is trolling, judging by his previous posts.
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