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Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat Trousers on par with a Brooks Brothers jacket? I'm going out on a limb here: Brooks Brothers trousers. Let's not make it too easy for him.
Even if you get them tailored to perfection they will still be outdated. Sell em'.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast ^ Those will work just as well as the ones I linked to, but the OP is in the UK and so the shipping to get those from the USA wouldn't be worth it. I remember someone here recommending those Gold Toe ones to me last year, but they're not available via the UK site so had to find a similar alternative. Can you get J&M in the UK? If so, they sale the same thing.
What about these?
Nothing yet, I'm still waiting for them to get the suit in that I ordered 2 weeks ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria There are nine reasons: 1. Paul Jheeta provides a cultural weave that is hard to rival. Reflecting not mere hundreds, but 5000 years of existence, his aesthetic is truly the cradle of civilization. From the days of the Maharaja's (kings), to being reduced to a colony, through the tumult and triumph of independence, even to this day of rapid development, Jheeta's subcontinental sensibility is waiting to share the...
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas BB friends and family sale starts 5/5, should be at least 25% off everything in the store. Does anyone know if this is confirmed?
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday So it goes. That's the risk you take if you choose to wear purple suede driving mocs to the pub. Not every item works everywhere. Yep
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Here's direct feedback: If Bonobos' idea of style is evidenced by the photo on the linked page then I will continue to not buy them. I've never quite understood this. It's just one picture. You don't have to buy the entire ensemble. Ralph Lauren puts together somethings that I think are horrendous but I'm not going to stop buying his products because of the way he puts them together. Maybe I'm just missing...
I got a pair of the Corps in the mail today. The fabric was pretty nice and a good weight for summer. The fit was good for me as well even though I only tried them on for a few minutes. I'll wear them tomorrow to see how the do after an entire day.
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