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Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving And since you can't post on picture backing up your assertion, you have proved what a blind clueless idiot you are. You are one of the dumbest posters on SF, bar a few. Run along now, internet critic in a T-shirt and underwear in his basement, this place is for people who actually wear men's clothing in real life. You must be one of the few that you are referring too.
No problem with it. I do it a lot as well.
What about a chelsea boot?
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 word? i joined the first day i found it ... after reading the entire WAYWRN part I in one night. Woah! That sounds exhausting.
Anybody with metal taps have any issues with damaging hardwood floors?
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Even if you never conditioned them at all, they shouldn't look like that. Yep. You don't need to condition new shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Butter Use a bigger shoe tree for a short period of time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crockostyle Proxy? I'm too far away. I was just passing through.
Quote: Originally Posted by photoguy That might be right - I only do it once a year so I don't really recall. You re-craft your shoes once a year?
Indy Boots
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