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Hey fellas. I need help identifying this AE shoe. The ebay ad says it is the Ellis. It has a removable orthotic and what looks like the VIP sole, but when I look up the Ellis on other websites it looks different. Is this mislabeled or possibly a discontinued model? Here is the link:
Snagged this J Crew tie through their factory website. Came out to only about $10 after 30% discount.
Manton, I'm actually the opposite of you. I get pissed when I can't run. I have to go to the podiatrist next week because I think I might have a neuroma and I'm fucking pissed. After 4-5 miles, my right foot starts hurting bad. I've run 10K races and half-marathons and never had a problem until a few weeks ago. Anyway, I agree with others to go to a running store. The people who work at Foot Locker won't know shit about running shoes.
Too bad that $200K didn't buy him any class.
I agree with Man of Lint. Even if the AE shoes MW carries are rubber-soled, they are still going to be better quality than the Florsheims. I have a couple pairs of AE shoes that have rubber soles for work (Van Ness and Sutter), and they are quite nice. At least these are part of the Imperial line, which is better quality than regular Florsheim models. Anyway, as the old saying goes, if the shoe fits then wear it. If the width is fine and your foot isn't slipping, then I...
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Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving With cloth tape, I think I can extend the cycle before some dirt finally shows up on my cuffs.
PM sent on #1.
Normally I cringe whenever I hear Congress wants to get involved with sports since they're all idiots, but the people who run the BCS are even bigger idiots. If Congress pushes college football to a playoff system, I'm for it.
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