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Hey fellas. Did you happen to see this segment of Antiques Roadshow? Pretty cool:
Just received this Fidelity peacoat from Vermont's Barre in the mail. Got it for less than $120 with free shipping on Black Friday. I originally bought a size 40R Sterlingwear US military issued coat that was NWT on ebay and had to resell it because it was just too big. Got a 38R in the Fidelity and it fits great.
Hey fellas. I'm looking for a nice wool peacoat (Schott, Sterlingwear, Fidelity, etc.) in gray or black. Size 40R or M, new or excellent condition and I'd like to stay under $150. Thanks.
Hey fellas. What can you guys tell me about Addison shoes? I found a pair of bluchers on ebay new without box (maybe new old stock) and I could see in the pics they are made in the USA. Were they made strictly for the military?
Hey fellas. I'm looking for a pair of flat front chinos, preferably NWT or NWOT in 32x32. $40 or less would be ideal. Thanks.
Hey fellas. I'm looking for a pair of new or gently used Allen Edmonds, brown or walnut, size 10D (maybe 10.5 D depending on style). Preferably under $150. Thanks.
I don't get this obsession women athletes have with hyphenated names. To quote George Carlin, "Pick a fucking name!"
The last episode had some fairly entertaining parts and some really stupid parts. If it wasn't for Jeff Daniels, this show would've never gotten off the ground. He carries the show. I hate the cheesy way Sorkin draws out little situations, like when the producer guy was stuck on the plane. Yeah I get it, you are really angry and need to get off the plane. That scene could have been about 20 minutes shorter with out all of the pointless dialogue. The writing and characters...
Hey fellas. I'm looking for a new or gently used short sleeve madras shirt, size S or slim fit M.
I have a few thoughts on this show. First, I really liked The West Wing but this is like a boring version of it. Maybe it's me, but I don't really understand why the show covers news from a year ago. Second, while Daniels and the main cast are pretty good, the acting by some of the interview guests and minor characters is really not good. As others have mentioned, the interview with the black gay character was totally unrealistic. I really don't think this show will last...
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