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Sorry for the delayed answer-- I have been very busy of late. Alterations for slimming a shirt (the sides, not darts, and the sleeves to the cuff) comes in just under $25/shirt. I have had a few trousers hemmed as well and I think those were ~$15/ea.
They do make shirts and start at $125. I have been happy with their work, though I have only used them for alterations to this point. Old post, but added for future searchers.
The Cetaphil cleansers are good and recommended by (my) dermatologists. I have been using the bar recently and it has worked as good as anything I've tried. Though I'm not familiar with their lotions, any non-comedogenic lotion (I use Olay All Day Complete Moisture w/ spf 15 ) are supposed to be the way to go.
Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover Drivers license, Social security card, Visa debt and credit card, American express card, Pictures of my sons William and Stephen, Several sales card for various stores and shops, and 58$. Carrying a social security card on a daily basis is asking for trouble. At a minimum, one day you will lose your wallet and will have to wait in line at the SSA office for 6 hours to request a new one. However, if...
Just to clarify, my 'well done' was more for the music video execution and less so for the actual music.
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyCrockett Somebody's got to watch this! I did. I did!
Hadn't heard of him until now. Slow load time on the video, but it's very well done. His Tom Cruise impression is good and worth a look.
American Express cards (Platinum for sure) has a policy for things such as jewelry-- they replace lost and stolen items. A friend lost a pair of recently purchased diamond earrings, phoned AMEX, and they replaced them without much hassle. Not sure about your MasterCard, though it is worth a look. Best of luck! -b
On what planet do you spend most of your time?
Where do you go to school?
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