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Hello,Thank you for your feedback.Maybe this is an effect of the 'darts' (actually simply seams) in the back?
Hello, Thank you for your feedback. Any suggestion about the shirt that tends to go out from the trousers in the back? Any other improvement suggestion? I went for a long collar because I have a long neck. It also accomodate my favorite tie knot (half Windsor) Regards,
Hello, Having a 'non-conventional' body shape (skinny, narrow shoulders, long arms) I went online made-to-measure shirts a few years ago. I am trying to improve the fit and your advices would be very appreciated ! Please, critic the fit: My main concerns: - All my shirts, especially the present one, tend to goes out of my trousers in the back. I always have to re-put them in place. I tried to lengthen and widen the bottom of my shirts, compared to the former...
Hello! I am 31-year and I am looking for new suits for the following occasions: Spring/summer suit(s) for daily work-wear. (Dress code is very informal in my company, so nothing overdressed.) Fall/winter suit(s) for daily work-wear. (Same thing. Please note I live in northern Europe: we use dedicated clothes and appropriate layering for outside - where it can be damn cold - but it is generally overheated inside. Thus, I do not need a very warm suit.) Something more...
Hello! I'm also looking for dôme slim fit Chinos. Dockers' waders look great but problem is I need 28/34. Advice welcome! Fred
I love the look!What's the reference of the coat?
Hello! I'd like to buy a pair RRL slim-fit jeans in size 28. Minimum inseam : 33" Many thanks! Fred
Hi!Thanks for the sizing advice.Concerning the website, it only offers a restricted choice in terms of size(e.g. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=22191166&f=Men&kw=slim+rigid&parentPage=search)
Hi guys! Are RRL Slim Selvedge available in size 28x33 or 28x34 ? (With mid-waist or low-waist.) APC New Standard fits me well in size W28. May the RRL require a sizedown? Thanks ! Fred
Hello! I'm looking for a new pair of jeans. Recurrent theme, indeed. However I run into difficulties finding my size : W28 x L33 or 34. (And it's even more complicated when the model requires a size down...) I had an A.P.C New Standard W28 : fit was OK, but I want to try something else. I was not very pleased with the quality of the denim... I also own an Edwin Sen W28 x L34 : I absolutely love the cut and the sense of details, but it fits too large. Cut : slim fit (leg...
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