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Hello! I'm also looking for dôme slim fit Chinos. Dockers' waders look great but problem is I need 28/34. Advice welcome! Fred
I love the look!What's the reference of the coat?
Hello! I'd like to buy a pair RRL slim-fit jeans in size 28. Minimum inseam : 33" Many thanks! Fred
Hi!Thanks for the sizing advice.Concerning the website, it only offers a restricted choice in terms of size(e.g. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=22191166&f=Men&kw=slim+rigid&parentPage=search)
Hi guys! Are RRL Slim Selvedge available in size 28x33 or 28x34 ? (With mid-waist or low-waist.) APC New Standard fits me well in size W28. May the RRL require a sizedown? Thanks ! Fred
Hello! I'm looking for a new pair of jeans. Recurrent theme, indeed. However I run into difficulties finding my size : W28 x L33 or 34. (And it's even more complicated when the model requires a size down...) I had an A.P.C New Standard W28 : fit was OK, but I want to try something else. I was not very pleased with the quality of the denim... I also own an Edwin Sen W28 x L34 : I absolutely love the cut and the sense of details, but it fits too large. Cut : slim fit (leg...
Absolutely gorgeous!Would it possible to order a similar pair soon?it's such a pity I missed this special order...
Simply gorgeous!Can I expect I could order a similar pair soon?Regards.
Simply Gorgeous!It's such a pity I missed this special order.I hope there wiil be another soon...
Simply gorgeous!It's such a pity I missed this special order.I hope I could order a similar pair soon!
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