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Thank you for your feedback.Is this doable by alteration or is a remake necessary?Ì have the impression that the supplier do not want to remake the shirt.I can understand perfectly understand that since the measurements mistakes are my fault.Nevertheless, as the original cost of the shirts + the cost of the alterations and return/shipping will reach a total of something like 160USD/shirt, I want a good result.Please find additional photos. I hope this helps:
Hello,The supplier is suggesting alterations only:"[...] the issues are with the tightness in the hips, apart from the sleeve width you mention.For the hips, I can reduce the length a bit, curve the sides a bit more and add gussets. That way, the area of the tightness will get some room. Slimming the sleeves, reduction in sleeve length can be done too."They have an alteration/remake policy in case the customer screwed-up some measurements, which is good.As responsibility...
For sure.SuSu really have a great customer service!
Hello,First, thank you for your feedback.Not being a native english speaker, I am not such to get correctly what you mean by 'you stand somewhat erect'. May you explain?By which margin would you increase chest, waist and hip in the front?It is true that I have a lower shoulder.This is somewhat exacerbated those days, cause I have been suffering from back and shoulder pain due to inadequate bedding. (Recently moved to a new location for my job.)Cheers,Fred
Hello, I screwed up some measurements of my shirt. Additionaly, the sleeves are way larger than I would have expected. Supplier propose alterations. However, I would appreciate additionnel feedback so we do better next time. Many thanks! Fred
Nothing great in size 44 (34US).
So I don't screw up this time, your help/feedback would be much appreciated. This is the shirt - not from Luxire - I based my measurements on: And yes: I'm skinny. My arms are even skinnier than the rest. I do have chimpanzee arms. My right shoulder sits lower than the left one (this is actually caused by pain:(). I was wearing a copper red/rust chino today. My owner choose a 'beautiful' wallpaper. What was wrong: It was too tight at the waist, especially while...
I was referring to the shirt length that I completely screwed up.I gave Luxire the value I usually give to my supplier, but I did not realized measurements were done differently. My mistake.Results are shirts which are almost 2" too long and probably too narrow at the hips.What leads me to another question:Do you have tips so your shirts stay tucked-in?I tried to have my shirts made longer, I tried to have the hip width made narrower or one the contrary wider, but I always...
I am sorry for this poor wording.Sleeves are really larger than my usual supplier.By the way, apart from this 'inexpediency', I screwed up providing several measurements (sleeve length and - more annoying - shirt length).As far As I understood, in such case it is possible to have the shirts remade/altered, paying 20$/shirt and the shipping cost. Is that correct?I'll send you an email.Cheers,Fred
PS: Regarding sleeve length and shirt length I did write "First one is my fault, I did not cross-check the sleeve length and the shirt length that I provided correctly." I never ever said these measurements were not respected. I said I screwed up those...
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