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details on pants and wingstips?
any assistance greatly appreciated!
Kind forum members, Looking for suggestion for a tobacco suede wingtip in a similar CJ 337 last (Clifford x Belgrave) under $300. I've looking at Carminas Simpson last. The Pearl Co suede wingtip that is currently on sale looks more Americana than Continental. Any suggestions for pairs at Herring? Much obliged
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman Dark brown captoe oxfords in suede in a sleek last. Works with just about anything but the most formal in my opinion. The one shoo! Any recommendations for a pair? I can only think of Belgrave and carmina Simpson last. Pref snuff suede
Do the pearl co suede semi-brogue typically go on sale...I didn't see it on the ad
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one yes, that was in the cards from the beginning - the way the BCDR looks now with the wild pipe quilt on the shoulders, if we reversed it, shrunk the body down and slimmed the sleeves, it'd be a very nice women's jacket. sent you PM from generic man yoo
Quote: Originally Posted by artishard116 They used to have a navy too, but now it's just 'royal' which may be different. I think the only time it's been shown is in that little swatch. I have pics of the actual navy if anyone is interested. post it up yoo
Quote: Originally Posted by uNiCoRnPriNcEsSx Sure. Just let me know whatcha want and I'll try to finagle it somehow. how about the new dr in navy/blue drew is offering
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane SS2008 one heres a dude wearing it that dude looks so out of place in the suburbs in rick
Quote: Originally Posted by medtech_expat Scored on the back end of the Italian sales. Cucinelli cashmere at eBay prices but in the colors I needed, and a Borrelli peacoat for EUR200 expat, mind i ask where you picked up the BC half zip in merlot?
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