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I'd be down for this in a burgundy.
Two pairs of New, Unworn Epaulet Walt Trousers up for sale: (1) Olive Sanded UK Canvas (size 30) - (2) Chocolate Wale Corduroy - Factory Finds (size 32) Both pairs are brand-new, unworn, unwashed & still have unfinished hems. I'm asking for $150 each, shipped (CONUS)
I've arranged to see Mina in NYC on her February visit, but am certainly onboard for DC visits going forward.
^ agreed. It might be the only option at this point for the shirts in question, but on future orders I imagine the proper solution would be to reduce the upper back measurements. Darts are intended to remove fabric from the lower back.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel CEGO knocking it out of the park. These are G&R s140's or something, nothing special to the s200's baller in this forum but the blue is off the hook. It's a cotton knit, think a high end polo but made into a dress shirt. So pimp. Assuming this thing does not shrink to fit a 10 year old, I'll be stocking up on some more. Awesome texture, super soft feel and a bit stretchy. Looks great. How does that...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Looking good! What fabric is this?
Looks great. Any word on Yao's upcoming US tours?
^ Eustace, have you posted any fit pics of your Genevas? I'd be interested to see how they've turned out. I'm still making a few changes to my pattern. On chest fit, i'm not too obsessive either way, although I think a high armhole makes all the difference for a good fit across the chest.
^ Unfortunately Vox's fit pics are not up any longer. It would be nice to see some fit pics from other Panta customers...
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD ^ Nice. What's the fabric? +1 I'd like details on that fabric as well.
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