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Unfortunately not much matters except the way it feels on you over time. RTW designers like the ones we're discussing are able to commission fabrics to order. Part of the difference you feel might be the finishing of the fabric - some have a silky hand and some have a drier feel. They may be cotton blends. The fabric could be washed with enzymes. There are many possibilities. Anyway I've bought a lot of shirts from Maxfield too but I don't think any are that...
Who makes your shirts? All 2x170s are not created equal.
1) collar too big 2) too much tie space 3) do not change the knot
Quote: Originally Posted by kngrimm Richard Lim just do it.
Is it the rolled blind stitch type machine or single needle machine stitches?
First you need someone with a press to put it on. Then they need to have compatible "dies" which fit into the press and hold the rivet and the tack into place. So it's probably better to find an alterations/ repair place with a press and have them supply you with the rivet. As different rivets need different dies to set them. If you are just going to try to use a hammer or something you could call a fastener supply or garment industry button type place and ask...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton This is good to know. It clears up, a little, what I have ben doing wrong. I think you can usually just pay outright for that type of tang.
Most 44 year olds look a lot uglier than that.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I am not nearly familiar enough with the RTW world to answer this question. Tom Ford's brand's point is to take the tradition of "very expensive bespoken things" and translate them into a RTW line that can be semi-customized (you wouldn't ask TF for a Brooks style). This mainly attracts people who like the "Tom Ford" brand. These people are in all likelihood not bespoke customers otherwise but are probably...
Good idea except you can't really tell much by the "test", particularly if you don't know what a canvas really feels like. You also don't know if the padstitching on different parts is by hand or machine etc etc etc. that might make the difference between a $1800 samuelsohn and something significantly more expensive that is hand made.
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