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"roo numba one: keep yo handz off ma mama." was the best ad, closely followed by the chick eating carls' junior and the chick in the bathtub.
how is the party scene?
are you in your underwear right now?
can anyone comment on wether or not there is a hot party scene in iran?
summer is the worst time of year to visit the tropics. it will either be raining, hot as hell, or both.
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 If this was wimbleton I would say maybe. Just don't see it in this finals. actually, i'd say if federer is going to lose to murray it will be in australia or france, the slower courts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 Wow does it take Fed more than 3 sets to win this? murray has beaten federer at least twice in big tournaments. he has a decent chance.
please recommend some brands of dress, casual, or sports socks that are very durable in your experience. i can only recommend new balance for sport socks but i haven't found any brand of dress socks that i consider to be durable. all of mine develop holes on my big toe after just a few uses. please advise.
raising victor vargas american movie (rent this now. don't watch the trailer. don't read the reviews. just rent it.)
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