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thanks for the advice guys. i never know if it's regimen or regiment. i see it written both ways. right now i'm too thin and i want to get bigger. i'll concern myself with getting ripped later on. i have the type of musician body that looks cool when you're 22, but i'm 34 now and want to fill out. i found this...
woo hoo!!!
manchester united vs. bayern munich starts in 10 minutes! i'm pulling for munich.
Quote: Originally Posted by romafan Roma-2 Inter-1, and the return of Totti! every time he plays it's "the return of totti!" the nerazzuri are below form in the league this year, but it's the champion's league that is most important this time. roma won it well though. i saw they match and they deserved it.
off topic, but real madrid plays atletico madrid in 40 minutes. just a reminder. i'll be pulling for atletico.
Please recommend a program for me. I'm willing to go to the gym 6 days a week, but only for half an hour at a time. Never mind the cardio, I get that from playing sports and am already thin enough. On the websites I've seen they recommend 15-25 reps per set for a beginner at 50% of one's max, but I'm looking for someone to give me a specific regiment for 6 days per week, half an hour a day. If anyone can help or post a link I would very much appreciate it. Thanks.
does anyone have a favorite they recommend? i've used an electric along with a wet blade for about 20 years and i've never tried one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt I actually found it a hard place to eat. As a solo traveler, in a place where everywhere wanted to feed me tapas, I was like 'OK, so option A...i buy a plate of olives and eat a bunch of olives and am now full on olives alone, or option B, I buy nine different dishes, eat one thing from each plate, am now full, and a hundred euro poorer, and watching the uneaten ninety euro of that be scraped into the trash'. Not a...
winter/fall = kenzo tokyo spring/summer = armani (original)
spain and brazil should be the favorites. they are at a level above everyone else right now. after them, every match is a toss-up with only new zealand as a weakling. england, france, germany, and italy are overrated right now. asia, africa, and latin america are underrated. i blame the media. and it won't surprise me if mexico beats france and the u.s. beats england.
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