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for anyone who has knowledge about this; i have an idea for a great name for a company but i don't actually have the resources to start the company, yet. anyone know if it is possible to register the name as a trademark anyway and how useful that would be? t.i.a.
Quote: Originally Posted by shellshock Vamos chile! i'm rooting for mexico, usa, france (except against mexico) and chile. chile has a good team right now and they will surprise some people, even though it shouldn't be a surprise. Quote: Originally Posted by thats.mana This sucks, the games will be playing while I'm either asleep or at work. Fuck. don't sleep. don't go to work.
mexico's second against italy. about 18 touches from the time italy loses the ball until the ball is in the back of the net. note that the few mexican fans in the stadium are chanting ¡ole! hopefully they play like this on friday. i'm already nervous. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiVj6...os=vKm80k0_-aA
haven't been around for a while so first of all, "hi" to everyone. to romafan i'd like to say, "forza inter". to embowafa i'd like to say, "forza inter". also, not only is barcelona the best team in the world right now, i think they are the best team ever*, and if you disagree you do not know the game or you have not been watching them for the last couple of years. they are head and shoulders above the rest of the planet right now. * i am not now nor have i...
Quote: Originally Posted by DNW http://aviary.com Or, download OpenOffice http://why.openoffice.org/why_great.html thanks, that was quick. which do you think is better? did you change your name from dark n worn?
i need something simple and easy to use that will let me make something like this (without the photos): TIA
Quote: Originally Posted by IUtoSLU You didn't even quote the Bible. You've done this before, misleading people as to what information about Jesus' life is contained in the Bible. You are quoting from the Gospel of Thomas, which cannot reliably be dated or verified. Absolute fail. And I hate to break it to you, but Jesus and Buddah were so very far apart in their teachings. the first quote is from luke 17:20, second is from john 18:36,...
yesterday i tried escada sentiment. first i smelled like an elegant old lady, then i smelled like a salad for for a few hours. not good. the day before it was azzaro chrome. nice citrus/soap at first, like a fresh out of the shower scent, then it became too powdery and generic. i'm going to try moschino friends tonight.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Dude I'm not Christian, I go by Biblical exegesis coupled with an historical approach not direct reading of the Bible. i know. Quote: Originally Posted by Hartmann So what was he talking about? Why don't you enlighten us. Only the Holy Spirit can enlighten you. if you truly seek seek enlightenment, you will follow the advice given by jesus, by buddha, and by many other...
thanks for the advice guys. i never know if it's regimen or regiment. i see it written both ways. right now i'm too thin and i want to get bigger. i'll concern myself with getting ripped later on. i have the type of musician body that looks cool when you're 22, but i'm 34 now and want to fill out. i found this...
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