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you will not see or here me say this for another for years: u.s.a! u.s.a! u.s.a!
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Argentina - Greece Quote: Originally Posted by celery I'd say Argentina v Greece as well, but if you are watching online on espn3, you can watch both at the same time. ??? argentina has nothing to play for. nigeria v. korea is going to be a dog fight!
if you're willing to spend $15 look at a 928.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa I take it I'm the only person here rooting for Mexico. aguirre is retarded. he takes off our best player (guardado) at half time and leaves franco in the entire match despite the fact he played like he was drunk or severely hungover. today's game was garbage and i felt like our coach was working for south africa. we can't beat argentina when our own coach is the worst enemy.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Humph, Americans may be brainwashed, but it could be worse, we could be a nation run by drug lords. or even worse, a nation of drug addicts.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles No it's not. And also you are an imbecile. grow up man. someone writes something you disagree with and your immediate response is an insult? you're not twelve anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by celery We're sorry Dear Leader, we got pwned. Quote: Originally Posted by Nil Re-education camp for the lot. my bet is americans are at least as brainwashed as north koreans, probably more, but this is not the the thread for that.
but the koreans gave up.
just tuning in. why was cristiano limping out of the tunnel?
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