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Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles No it's not. And also you are an imbecile. grow up man. someone writes something you disagree with and your immediate response is an insult? you're not twelve anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by celery We're sorry Dear Leader, we got pwned. Quote: Originally Posted by Nil Re-education camp for the lot. my bet is americans are at least as brainwashed as north koreans, probably more, but this is not the the thread for that.
but the koreans gave up.
just tuning in. why was cristiano limping out of the tunnel?
saw it in a theatre about 2 months ago, and yes, it is very good. it's not really about banksy, so don't avoid it just because you don't like him. some of the film takes place just up the street from my apartment and around the corner from the where i saw the film. (the kinko's scenes)
something funny just happened when i logged onto styleforum; everything that is normally grey came out white. the reds , blues, and blacks looked normal, and the color scheme looked cool. just a thought.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger How's that? At least the Italy game was close, something to dive for. The Brazilians had essentially beaten the Ivorian's when they started dropping like flies. Again, re: DeRossi...he was fouled. Forget the dive, the guy was pulling his shirt in the box. FIFA said it would call that EVERYTIME this WC. Two days ago, the Americans were being mugged and DIDN'T go down, no call. FIFA has opened up this can of...
the french have waived the white flag.
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix New Zealand will beat Italy tonight. let's hope so.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero I'll root for Mexico. Regional WC success keeps 3+ WC spots for Concacaf. I also just generally dislike the collection of players France is using. yes, i'm rooting for the u.s. in their matches, and i think all the americans should root for mexico, and vice versa. now if anyone knows of an authentic irish pub in l.a., i'm all ears.
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