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those of you in the u.s. should watch the chile/spain match on univision (the spanish station) even if you don't speak spanish. the ref is mexican and he's a good one, very strict. they call him "el chiquidracula" because he looks like a little boy who used to dress like dracula on television.
the original armani. i know it's basically lemon water, but i like lemon water, and it's the best lemon water there is.
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS I must have missed that between page 1 and page 135. Sorry, if that is the case. i'd rather forget it. pulling for chile to knockout spain!
Quote: Originally Posted by concerned752 First post. welcome to styleforum. you are already one of our most valued members.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube gtfo i see it.
Quote: Originally Posted by brax Can any team beat the German black uniform that they pulled out against Ghana? gestapo
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro The N.Korean players are healthy and got to eat while they played. Now it's back to the mines! Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS Who knows what kind of twisted information is going to be presented to the masses - a World Cup trophy made of paper mache and gold paint? i thought we had established that this is not the appropriate thread for these remarks. in other news, spain...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin There is a pretty big difference between Kaka and whoever sits on the bench for Brazil, theres a big difference between Julio Cesar and whoever backs him up. not really. you don't know what you're talking about. i'm an inter fan and see them play almost every week during the season. julio cesar is a good goalie who doesn't make too many errors but he's not superman. he's not going to save a good, well...
Quote: Originally Posted by jiratic pumped for portugal brazil tonight Quote: Originally Posted by onix I am afraid that the Brazil - Portugal match will not be as good as it should be due to the current standing . the good game today will be chile v. spain. i won't be surprised if chile wins this one, let alone pulls off a draw. that would knock spain out of the cup if switzerland beats honduras. i'm not...
am i the only one who doesn't like arjen robben? to me he is a ball hog who scores a great goal every once in a while but takes to many lousy shots and kills too many plays with his selfishness. holland would be better off without him.
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