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Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Not really. It was an even game. i saw it and i say the u.s had by far the better chances, and that doesn't even include the hand ball which should have been a u.s. goal. to say the u.s. can't compete is silly.
Quote: Originally Posted by MarquisMagic US has a good coach, but not the heart, tenacity or superior talent to play beyond the first round. in 2002 the u.s. schooled germany in the quarter-finals.
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad My daughter and a couple of her friends started doing capoeira at 4 or 5 (we're on a bit of hiatus during soccer season due to scheduling issues). Great for kids, because there's a lot of emphasis on rythm, music (with the drumming, etc.), coordination, stuff like that, which helps keep their attention. My daughter also picked up a few words of Portuguese, which was really cute. Plus, you know, there's nothing...
is 5 old enough to sign a boy up for something? and does anyone in l.a. know of a good place? i'd prefer something with an old chinese or japanese master who is not overly polite.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Is this game even on tv? goltv (if you have the spanish package, you have this channel.) 1pm eastern/10am pacific cristiano, messi, and ibra are all fit to play.
Quote: Originally Posted by tobiwan hi please let me know what you think about this chair. it's a prototype, made from a single piece of perforated aluminium. no cuts, no welding, no joints, ... just a (meticulously) folded plate. more on http://tobiaslabarque.wordpress.com/ greetz. i like it.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman God Catherine Bell was hot. Best Maxim ever. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Night Owl i like your shirt.
ibra and messi were on the bench today against inter, so i expect them to start on sunday.
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