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bergdorf goodwill
i remember them being fat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Finally Thierry Henry figures out how to play an important game, where something is at stake, without completely disappearing! ???
Quote: Originally Posted by ibleedwhite Le cheat! haha : If it was accidental and the ref allowed it thats another thing, but geez FIFA needs to bring in some type of video replay system. Possibly implement something like this:;...goal&type=lgns "accidental" has nothing to do with it.
also, at 200mm the DoF is so shallow you are likely to get focusing errors at f/2.8. you'll probably end up shooting at f/4 or smaller anyway.
i don't use lenses that long but i would think that for sports and animals a zoom is absolutely necessary. prime lenses are better for portraits, architecture, etc. stationary subjects. if you shoot during the day then i don't see a problem with f/4 or non ism. since you live in a big city i suggest renting these lenses for the weekend to try them out first--shouldn't cost more than $15 per lens.
+1000 on rififi and le samourai. and purple noon may fall into the crime category. i think man bites dog is a belgian film.
this. Quote: Originally Posted by FlyingLotus I liked it, wasn't scary in the theater but later when i was home alone in bed i couldn't stop thinking about getting dragged out of bed lol i'm surprised no one here has mentioned the obvious. this is a movie about a demon, and if you are someone who has absolutely no belief in demons, this will seem like a stupid movie that won't scare you at all. if you believe in demons or are openminded to...
i ended up getting the 21.5 imac and i've had for about a week. i'm very happy with it and the screen looks twice as large as the 17" i had before.
are you the member formerly known as joel cairo?
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