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Quote: Originally Posted by Night Owl i like your shirt.
ibra and messi were on the bench today against inter, so i expect them to start on sunday.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS I had a marketing project for my last full semester at school, and we choose BMW. The commercials / ads were met with much enthusiasm by the class and by the professor. is that a recent picture? i drive through that intersection almost every day and i remember the audi billboard but i never noticed the bmw.
Quote: Originally Posted by gametime1 just wondering what some good colognes are for someone in their late teens/early 20's. in 19 right now and about to be 20 in december and have never owned any cologne. I would like something not old smelling like English Leather, maybe something more sweet or fruity. i've got a few sample bottles of the new Marc Ecko cologne which i like, but is it in my age range? I've heard Ed Hardy is good and Gucci Envy...
this sunday at 1pm eastern time. who will win? who will score the winning goal? who are you rooting for? and all predictions welcome. as the game will be in barcelona i predict a 2-0 victory for the blaugrana.
there is this room at the chateau versailles where everything is covered in gold. i'm not a big fan of gold, but that room impressed me.
bumping this because i am now accepting offers for a trade.
thinking about seeing this tonight, or the new almodovar. emptym's good review might nudge me in this direction...
Quote: Originally Posted by RedLantern A couple of quick questions: What is a good way to become familiar with high-end fragrances if you don't have access to B&M shops with a good selection? How do you determine what scent to wear on a given day? It is associated with your clothing, mood, occasion, weather, company? Do people tend to stick around one or two particular styles of fragrances or do most people have stuff that is all over the...
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