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thanks everyone. i'm going to get him one of those kiddie ones for now.
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i think he should be strong enough to hold an 11 oz. racquet. does anyone have a recommendation as a first?
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Thanks, I had no idea about any of that. don't roll your eyes at me! that was meant more for the o.p.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel thats because they don't pay $125/lb for it. because it's not worth $125.
yes, what you posted is delicious, but you can use jamon iberico or jamon serrano like any other ham, and most people do. make a sandwich, put it on a pizza, whatever. the people in southern spain who eat it most don't treat like it some precious delicacy--no wine/beer recommendations.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Some Manchego, some Marcona almonds, and some lightly brined Spanish olives. Simple and incredible. rather cliché, no? that's like saying a hamburger has to have american cheese and a side of apple pie. and it's iberico. one 'r'.
why is it so hard for people to separate God from religion? you can hate religion all you want, and poke holes in every religion that has ever existed, but that says nothing about the existence of God.
decided against the dojo on sawtelle because my friend took his son there and said it was "too disneyland." for the same reason i'm not interested in the capoeira. it seems like it will be too much music and too much emphasis on fun. retro, if you know of a place on the westside that isn't too disneyland, let me know.
year one eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. i like the director so expected good things, but i turned it off about 1/2 an hour into it.
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