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yes, what you posted is delicious, but you can use jamon iberico or jamon serrano like any other ham, and most people do. make a sandwich, put it on a pizza, whatever. the people in southern spain who eat it most don't treat like it some precious delicacy--no wine/beer recommendations.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Some Manchego, some Marcona almonds, and some lightly brined Spanish olives. Simple and incredible. rather cliché, no? that's like saying a hamburger has to have american cheese and a side of apple pie. and it's iberico. one 'r'.
decided against the dojo on sawtelle because my friend took his son there and said it was "too disneyland." for the same reason i'm not interested in the capoeira. it seems like it will be too much music and too much emphasis on fun. retro, if you know of a place on the westside that isn't too disneyland, let me know.
year one eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. i like the director so expected good things, but i turned it off about 1/2 an hour into it.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Not really. It was an even game. i saw it and i say the u.s had by far the better chances, and that doesn't even include the hand ball which should have been a u.s. goal. to say the u.s. can't compete is silly.
Quote: Originally Posted by MarquisMagic US has a good coach, but not the heart, tenacity or superior talent to play beyond the first round. in 2002 the u.s. schooled germany in the quarter-finals.
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad My daughter and a couple of her friends started doing capoeira at 4 or 5 (we're on a bit of hiatus during soccer season due to scheduling issues). Great for kids, because there's a lot of emphasis on rythm, music (with the drumming, etc.), coordination, stuff like that, which helps keep their attention. My daughter also picked up a few words of Portuguese, which was really cute. Plus, you know, there's nothing...
is 5 old enough to sign a boy up for something? and does anyone in l.a. know of a good place? i'd prefer something with an old chinese or japanese master who is not overly polite.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Is this game even on tv? goltv (if you have the spanish package, you have this channel.) 1pm eastern/10am pacific cristiano, messi, and ibra are all fit to play.
Quote: Originally Posted by tobiwan hi please let me know what you think about this chair. it's a prototype, made from a single piece of perforated aluminium. no cuts, no welding, no joints, ... just a (meticulously) folded plate. more on greetz. i like it.
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