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Quote: Originally Posted by Matt I actually found it a hard place to eat. As a solo traveler, in a place where everywhere wanted to feed me tapas, I was like 'OK, so option A...i buy a plate of olives and eat a bunch of olives and am now full on olives alone, or option B, I buy nine different dishes, eat one thing from each plate, am now full, and a hundred euro poorer, and watching the uneaten ninety euro of that be scraped into the trash'. Not a...
winter/fall = kenzo tokyo spring/summer = armani (original)
spain and brazil should be the favorites. they are at a level above everyone else right now. after them, every match is a toss-up with only new zealand as a weakling. england, france, germany, and italy are overrated right now. asia, africa, and latin america are underrated. i blame the media. and it won't surprise me if mexico beats france and the u.s. beats england.
"roo numba one: keep yo handz off ma mama." was the best ad, closely followed by the chick eating carls' junior and the chick in the bathtub.
how is the party scene?
are you in your underwear right now?
can anyone comment on wether or not there is a hot party scene in iran?
summer is the worst time of year to visit the tropics. it will either be raining, hot as hell, or both.
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 If this was wimbleton I would say maybe. Just don't see it in this finals. actually, i'd say if federer is going to lose to murray it will be in australia or france, the slower courts.
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