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Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Topics that are sensitive in America may not be sensitive elsewhere but the reverse is certainly true as well. Degree of "PC-ness" is really just social acceptability of being candid about those topics. I think that's all it boils down to. I'll agree to that but when I think of the term PC, the main things that come to mind are, for example, midgets are now called "little people" and fat girls are called...
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS I hate it, the religion. Quote: Originally Posted by scarphe said the secular jew to the lapsed catholic..... before you hate relgion you should stop identifying yourself by one. I've often wondered why it seems that all the 'Jews' are atheists these days. Maybe it's for another thread, or maybe it's an example of religion turning people against God.
Get to know Montana Avenue between Lincoln BLvd and about 17th Street. Best places to eat here are Father's Office (gastro pub, famous for burgers) and Blue Plate (breakfast). On Main Street, Circle Bar is probably the best bar in town. At least it's the only one I like. The King's Head is a decent English Pub by the Promenade. For a regular barber Tel's on Pico and about 24th Street is the place to go. (Ask for Randy.) If you prefer an expensive salon I'd go...
Quote: Originally Posted by Contingency Plan Jesus saved me from religion.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I see nothing wrong with being a narcissistic self-loather. agreed.
surprised no one else has posted this from a a speech in wisconson: it's on the yahoo front page now and not a single comment about his sideburns.
rooting for japan here. their uniforms should have their names in japanese characters.
Quote: Originally Posted by calisanfran Blanco runs around like a geriatric on the pitch these days. I was a big fan of his, but he really should not be playing currently. he wouldn't be bad as late substitute--say with 10 minutes left. he can still pass as well as anyone in the world but he's overweight and smokes. starting him in the last match shows how stupid our coach is.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Say what now? That ref was absolute rubbish and was handing out cards for fun - especially Ponch's (Estrada) second yellow. I would've liked to see the whole game 11 vs 11. he deserved the second yellow. he tripped the spaniard on purpose who was running on goal. that's a yellow. and there was another call where the chilean kicked torres which should have been a direct red, but he only received a yellow....
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa I just hope the result goes the other way this year i'm more afraid of our own coach than i am of messi. if our retarded coach starts franco and blanco, with marquez in midfield, we are doomed before the match even starts. if we have guardado, chicharo, and barrera on from the start, i like our chances. argentina has good players but we have a good team.
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